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We are a club (and funk) music project created on 04.02.2018

Enjoy , like ,share!

Best songs “go” to last.fm. And to our “selected” playlist

Short explanation of the rating system:

  1. Dance : Dancefloor feeling , or readyness
  2. Ideas: The idea of the tune, the main vibe.
  3. Flow: This is hard. I mean by this, the groove, the flow , the general “dynamics” of the tune.
  4. Personal Opinion: Just your personal overall feeling for the track.

to explain the “system” : tracks with high “personal opinion” go to the “essential” playlist. tracks with a high “overall rating” go to the “selection” playlist. As simple as that!

I did put also a “like box” for the ones, who simply don’t want to rate though all the points!!



I try to get you fresh house vibes and rare funk cuts!!

If you want to contact me :

drop me a message on soundcloud or  twitter  !


P.S. : To stream on spotify , you need an account. more info on spotify.com!

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